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      What was your very first ballbusting experience? Did you like it immediatly  or did you have to learn to love it first?

      And how old were you then?

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          My cousin and his family would visit us around the holidays. My first was when I was 8 and he was 7. We would wrestle in our tighty whities. We had a rule, though, that if one of us went for the other’s nuts then the opponent got a free kick. Well, he claimed that I had gotten him, which was an all out lie. I argued with him and pleaded with him but he overpowered me and stood me spread eagled in front of the back door of the house. He took a step back (couldn’t have been his first time kicking a guy) and dropped me with a solid kick from his arch. Instantly, I was hooked on nut pain.

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            Well I think first it was in a bus. I was travelling from my hometown to my hostel at night and fortunately or unfortunately the bus was also not that crowded and I was at the last seat in the bus. Some random elder dude boarded the bus and sat right beside me even though the bus was very empty.

            I should have suspected but initially we were talking about random stuff and suddenly he started touching my thigh. I hate to admit that getting groped in bus was not my first experience but this time it was not just the groping. I expected he would grope me but suddenly he grabbed one of my balls and grinned at me. Initially he started with mild squeezing but then just forced me to spread my legs and started slapping my balls. I didn’t react much cause I had my pants and underwear on, so there was not much impact. But he just wanted to see me moan in pain so throughout the journey he kept squeezing and slapping my balls eventually I submitted and started whining in pain. Maybe that made him feel satisfied so he just winked at me and changed the seat.

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              well, it depends on what you define as the first experience. It started when we were around 13 when we thought it was funny to hit a classmate in the balls. Within weeks it became a sort of sport among us boys. and yes, I got to the front pretty quickly. I liked seeing when someone got hit in the balls, their reaction. And yes, I also liked the feeling when someone reached between my legs or hit my balls. But there were only rarely really hard hits.
              The first experience I remember as real ballbusting:
              We had a new one in the class and of course he was tested on “our sport”. At some point we both got into a fight. We were doing well and some people were standing around us to watch. Then suddenly two teachers were there and well we both had to go to the school principal. We had to listen to a lot of blah blah and both got a punishment. When we were on our way back to our classroom, classes were already back in session and no one but us was in the hallways. Suddenly the guy said “let’s get something straight once and for all – you’ll never put me in a situation like that again.” He pushed me against a wall and without warning he rammed his knee between my legs twice.
              Holy shit. I had never had my balls hit so hard before. I immediately fell to the ground, doubled over and could only moan. I just lay there for several minutes before slowly limping back to my class while my balls hurt like hell. I was kind of out of the game.
              However, a few hours later at home when the pain subsided… damn. that was a completely new feeling. I got a hard on. and well, I had the most intense cumshot at the time. And yes, I was kind of back in the game again.

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                I don’t really remember.

                It was popular among the boys when I was in grade school, probably in 5th or 6th grade.

                Those were “one shot” things as a generally and not an extended meeting or anything.

                Targets of opportunity type of thing.

                That went on through high school.

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