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Find your ballbusting friends

Find your ballbusting friends

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      I sent emails and alert to everybody to ask to not be annoying or posted unrelated contents.

      This is one of the most requested features in the bNetwork. So, now it is available to everybody. You’re welcome! To block a person, search him in the Members page or open his profile.

      For example, this is how the badge looks like in the member page.

      members user block

      And this one is the page of the member.

      profile block user

      The red arrow shows you where the block function is. If you want to block this user, you have to click on it and then a pop up window appears.

      profile block member reason

      The reason is important because if the system receives more than 5 complains for a user, this user is automatically blocked from the system. If there is any complain from the user, I will show the reasons to him. I think I am very transparent on this.

      If you blocked by mistake a guy and you want to unblock him, see this post.

      Have fun and not annoy me and other guys!

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          Henry, I hope this message works. The site will not fully load for me. I keep getting two bouncing balls and the site never finishes. I sent a message on the support forum, but I do not see it posted. So, I am not sure that you will see that. I am not sure if this will work either.  I am attaching a screenshot so you can see what I am seeing on the site. Thanks.

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              Hey, I know, there is an issue with an update and I’m trying to fix it.

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        Forums Support How to block annoying guys

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