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Find your ballbusting friends

Find your ballbusting friends

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      I like to play  quizzes with a ball crusher. I have to get to the end of the round, however bad it is – that’s the challenge.

      I often do if it’s a quiet time. Any type of crusher will do so long as you can tighten it when you lose.

      To make the game last longer I usually ease of if I get the right answer – I’m not very bright so get more wrong answers than I can take.

      If its a long round I use nip clamps to spread the pain load.

      What other solo  games are good?


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          I play wrestling video games and punch myself in the nuts for every low blow I take in game. The AKI games on Nintendo 64 are the best because anytime your opponent gets knocked down if you don’t hold block they will hit you with a dick punch 9 times out of ten. Also when you’re on your back they will open your legs and drop a knee, or hit a headbutt. They will hit them back to back and make it a combo. Sometimes they’ll hit you with a punch, then pick you up and crotch drop you on their knee, then headbutt you in the nuts while you’re down. I do an extra 10 shots for losing a match.

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            If you are able to hit your own nuts (and I am), use a dice roller from or similar – there are several free apps including wheel spinners. What I do is the first number tells me how many minutes of continuous hits I have to endure. Most recently it was four. You can roll again and this tells you how many times you have to endure 4 minutes of hits – in my case it was 5. As an option, you can roll a third time and that will tell you how many seconds of a break you get between sets. This is one possibility.

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              I saw guys on videos that were playing cards. They were two but I’m sure it can be played alone.

              There were having an app that draw cards for them and regarding the card they were having actions to do on each other genitals.

              The shape ♣️ ♦️ ♥️ ♠️ gives you the action and the number on the card gives you the number of hits to perform. If it’s a figure, it’s an intensity.

              You can set your rules and decide what you want to do and how you want to challenge yourself.

              For example, with a guy on Recon we discussed  playing together the same game:

              ♣️Squeeze ♦️Slap ♥️Punch ♠️Kick

              Small cards between 2-10 was the number of hit  on the shape picked. Jacks were 10 sec in mild intensity, Queens were 10 sec in medium intensity and King were 10 sec in hard intensity. Aces were at the buster choice.

              Unfortunately, like always with dating apps, the guy was supper excited to do it but he ended ghosted me and we never met.

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          Forums Ballbusting questions The games we play, when we’re alone……..

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