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We are trying to create a community for guys into ballbusting because we want to have fun! This website is for now only M/M.

Ballbusting.network is a community for consensual, mild-to-wild BDSM around M/M ballbusting. People come in this community from very different backgrounds, countries, personal situations and sexual orientations. Here everyone is and feels welcome, safe, and embraced.

After the registration, the system sends to you an email to verify you are real. Check your spam folder. If you can’t see anything, please send me an email or open a post in the forum.

To join the community, you must register your self and declare your sex and role: this info are public. We ask for the address that is visible only to you. The address allows us to create a map of people. So, we can find each other and send a message to meet.

Also, you can create events in your area.

This website was born to improve the chances to find fun and partners in ballbusting, men in particular.

The subject in all emails starts with [ballbusting.network] or [bNetwork]. So, you know if the email is not spam. You can create a rule in your email client to immediately move this kind of emails in a different folder.

We don’t want to use advertisement or force anybody to pay to enter. So, if you like what we are building, we ask if you can contribute to this website as you can.

All services are for free. Please donate!

Let’s do it!

You don’t have an account? Register yourself here.

If you need help or support, please open a new ticket in the Support forum.