We are trying to create a community for guys into ballbusting because we want to have fun! We don’t want to use advertisement or force anybody to pay to enter. So, if you like what we are building, we ask if you can contribute to this website as you can. If you want to be verified, donate £5 here.

Paypal donation

Also, it is possible to donate via PayPal using this link. If you want to send £5/month, click on the following image.

Verified your profile

When a profile is verified means:

  • the guy is real
  • the guy is not crazy
  • the guy is reliable

This is what I need to know when I go to meet a guy: I want to have fun, but I don’t want to be in danger or end up in crazy situations. So, this is the verified profile in a nutshell.

How to be a verified user

First, when a guy has 5 positive reviews – means for 3 to 5 starts – from 5 guys (and at least one of them is a verified user) automatically the system marks the user as verified.

Second, if you make a donation, the system matches the email in the payment with the email on the website and marks the correspondent user for 1 year as a verified.

Third, you can ask me to verify you 😉So, make a donation of £5 for this purpose and we can arrange a video call to verify you.