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      What is your favorite memory of a hit in the balls (given or received).


      When you think of ballbusting while jerking off, which memory do you use the most?

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          I was lying on my bed, wanking. Another guy was there – no touching, just telling me how fast or slow to go (long story how that happened).

          Anyway, he was making me go fast, then slow, then really fast, then dead slow……Edging like it was never going to end. My eyes were tight shut, I was dreaming that he’d “do me” instead of just telling me what to do. All of a sudden he yelled “STOP”….. No way, I was far too close!

          Smack!! His hand into my naked nuts – “that’s what you get for not stopping” !!

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            When I was in middle school I was standing at the front of class, books in hand. When out of nowhere this guy kicked me in the nuts hard enough to knock my feet out from under me. As I picked my things up he laughed and said “I kicked him in his little nuts”.

            We had the same gym class and for weeks after I would dream about him cornering me in the locker room and talking possession of my balls.

            The other is from high school where I had an ongoing saga of another guy taking my lock and clipping it random places so when I’d unlock it I’d use it to hit him in the nuts. He would usually try to punch me in return but without much effort.

            Then one day I had finished changing and was standing alone under the basketball goal when the guy who always fucked with my lock came walking out of the locker room talking to another guy. As he approached me he was talking nonsense and doing big hand movements almost like Swedish chef. He opened his arms like he was coming in for a hug and when he had an arm on each shoulder he lifted his knee straight up into my crotch. It put me on the ground and he ran off laughing.

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              Well, two different questions.

              The favorite memory of a one hit is: around 16 one of my classmates, one of the oldest from us, was a really bully. He licked it to give us a headlock, armlock and so stuff just for his fun. But well he had a big package between his legs, and yes  i licked it. We wasn’t really close but also not bad. One day we had a boring lesson at school and left the class for hanging up a bit. We went to an empty classroom, just talking some goofy stuff and I looked at that big package again. And I couldn’t resist. Without a warning I gave him a fist and well it was a soooo fuckin hot to see his reaction. That face, his moaning, clutching his nuts…… I loved it. Unfortunately a few days later he took a hard revenge.

              The mostly jerking memory? Hm, I would say the first time I met a real busting Top. Around 19y it was clear for me that I love that getting my balls hurted. I’ve made a weekend trip to Vienna a was in a leather bar. Was talking with some guys and so on. Well I was a bit of naive that time. At one time I was talking with a nice guy, told him that I liked it getting my balls hurted and blablabla. Well I was a bit drunken and wanted to show „hey I’m the cool and tough guy“. He told me a friend of him would have a place for having such kind of fun and he would like it to have fun with my balls. Well at least I was fuckin horny and walked with him. What shall I say, this was my first real sex-date with my balls as the main attraction – and he and his friend gave me a few unforgettable hours of what it means when you say „I love it when a guy is hurting my balls and I can take a lot“…… thereafter I thought I will never ever do that again. But well, a few weeks later „never ever“ was history 😉


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                Favourite time has to be when tied down and having my balls smacked with a double rubber paddle quite a few times

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